Enology Notes

Enology Notes #9 November 12, 2000

To: Virginia Vintners and Prospective Vintners

From: Bruce Zoecklein

Subject: Short course/workshop, web update

Juice and Wine Analysis Short Course. This course, scheduled for January 10 and 11, is full. Notices will be mailed to all that requested admission. If you were not admitted, you will be given priority for acceptance for the next analysis course.

Winery Planning and Design Workshop. I have organized a one-day workshop on Winery Planning and Design scheduled for February 14, 2001 in Charlottesville, VA. This program is for those seriously interested in entering the commercial wine industry. The workshop will include

discussions and printed materials on winery planning, economics, winery design and space allocations, processing equipment, federal, state and county compliance issues, etc. This event is being sponsored by the Enology-Grape Chemistry Group, Virginia Tech and by the Virginia Wine Marketing Office.

The course fee is $75. Pre-registration is required and enrollment capacity is limited. Please help spread the word on this event. Additional information is available by contacting Terry Rakestraw. Department of Food Science and Technology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24061. Phone 540 231-6805 . email: rakestra@vt.edu.

Enology Grape Chemistry Group Web Site. As indicated in previous communications, some have had difficulties in accessing our web site. Please note that we have modified the address which we hope will alleviate problems.