Enology Notes

ENOLOGY NOTES #7 October 20, 2000

To: Virginia Vintners and Prospective Vintners

From: Bruce Zoecklein

Subject: Juice and Wine Analysis Short Course

The Enology-Grape Chemistry Group will offer a two-day juice and wine analysis short course January 10 and 11, 2001. This program will be a hands-on, practically oriented laboratory course for beginners and those desiring to 'brush up' on lab skills. It will be conducted in the teaching laboratory of the Food Science and Technology building at Virginia Tech.

This program will include the following:

Registrants will participate in hands-on analysis. Analyses will be supplemented with discussions concerning the practical winemaking significance of each test.

Enrollment is Limited and Restricted: The short course will be limited to a total of 14 participants. Only one person per bonded Virginia winery may register. Registration is for both days. Preference will be given to bonded winery representatives that register BEFORE WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2000.

After November 15 open enrollment will be offered if space is available. At that time preference will be given to those who intend to open commercial wineries within the next three years.

Registration: Register by sending an email message to my secretary, Terry Rakestraw, at rakestra@vt.edu. If you are associated with a commercial Virginia winery, please indicate. Detailed information will be mailed to registrants prior to the short course.

Cost: $150 per person. This includes the short course fee plus two lunches and an evening reception. The complete registration fee is due NO LATER THAN January 3, 2001. Checks are to be written payable to Bruce Zoecklein, Foundation Account, Virginia Tech and mailed to Bruce Zoecklein, Department of Food Science and Technology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24060-0418. Course fee is non-refundable.

Supplemental Text: It is suggested that registrants have a copy of Wine Analysis and Production, Zoecklein et al (1995) for this short course. If you have a copy, bring it to Blacksburg. Books will be available at the time of the program at the discounted rate of $75 each. Books will be available through my office to registrants only.