Enology Notes

ENOLOGY NOTES # 5 October 6, 2000

To: Virginia Vintners

From: Bruce Zoecklein

Subject: Change in the extension lab service policy, proposed workshop

Lab policy. As indicated in the June/August issue of the Vintner=s Corner, as of October 1 the Enology-Grape Chemistry Laboratory will conduct extension HPLC analyses on a fixed schedule. Wines for organic acid profiles (MLF status, etc.) must be received by the first or third Tuesday of each month. The analysis will be conducted the following day and reported. Samples received between these dates will be held for the next scheduled analysis date. This policy will help to maximize efficiency of the lab and assure you a rapid turn around.

Winery Planning and Design Workshop. Due to the number of people expressing interest in entering the commercial wine industry, I am organizing a winery planning and design workshop to be scheduled this winter. If you know individuals who intend to establish a winery, that have not contacted my office, please either provide me with contact information or suggest they contact me. I want to make sure that the truly serious have an opportunity to register before a public announcement. This will be a restricted enrollment workshop. It is important that the industry work cooperatively with serious newcomers to help assure that they contribute positively to the industry and its image.