Enology Notes

ENOLOGY NOTES #10 December 4, 2000

To: Virginia Vintners and Prospective Vintners

From: Bruce Zoecklein

Subject: Pilot Winery Renovation, Holiday Lab Schedule, Upcoming Extension Meetings

Pilot Winery Renovation. Virginia Tech has announced plans for a major renovation of our research winery. The $180,000 renovation project, to begin immediately, is designed to modernize and upgrade our experimental wine production facility. The renovation is part of the planned beverage curriculum in the Department of Food Science and Technology which will highlight enology, cider and juice production. The improved facility will expand our graduate program and hopefully serve as a spring-board to our long standing goal of establishing a commercial winery on campus.

Holiday Lab Schedule. The Enology-Grape Chemistry Group's extension laboratory service will be closed December 22 through January 2.

Upcoming Extension Meetings:

Additional information is available from my office. Happy Holidays!!!